All of our products and accessories are sourced from the best global suppliers.

Our accessories are intended to complement your crate purchase and have been sourced from quality suppliers.

Rugs are from the 100% Australian owned and made company Ugg Australia. Please do not confuse this product with the Chinese company that also calls itself Ugg Australia (!!). Ugg Australia are environmentally friendly and their products are not treated with toxic chemicals as are many counterfeit products.



An unrestrained pet can be a significant distraction, and inadequate restraints may allow your dog to become a deadly projectile within the vehicle. The AllSafe Harness is the world’s best performing and strongest crash tested dog restraint currently available. It offers the highest rated tensile strength and superior crash test performance when compared to any other harness on the market, and has a proven track record of safety for over 15 years in Europe. The AllSafe Harness features German engineering combined with high-quality nylon and stainless steel construction making the AllSafe Harness the strongest crash tested harness in the world. Please contact us for combined shipping.


100% Australian Owned and Made Sheepskin from the renowned Ugg Australia. What we love about Ugg Australia is their environmentally sustainable practices and CSR initiatives. Don’t buy Chinese imports that have been treated with toxic chemicals. Stays cool in summer, Warm in Winter, naturally wicks away moisture. We have two types available – the luxurious white, or exotic browns. With the exotic browns, no two are alike and will vary from image displayed.


Great addition to your crate. Holds leashes, collars, purses, brushes.


Protect the value of your car by protecting the interior and paint job