Variocage Dog Cages

We have 14 different sized models of Variocage dog cages for sale. All dog cages can all be adjusted in depth as the Variocage is telescopic (depth adjustable). All dog crates / cages are suitable for use on utes. Contact us for combined shipping.

In addition to our Variocage (dog cages for utes and all other types of vehicles), we offer cargo barriers for sale.

MiniMax Cages

The MiniMax is our smallest cage for sale, and has smaller gaps between the tubes making it suitable for smaller dogs. The difference between the two models is that the MiniMax Extra-Large is wider than the MiniMax Large. In order to provide maximum security while driving, the cage should not be too much larger than the animal that it protects. The Variocage MiniMax is the best option for small animals.

Compact Cages

Do you have a hatchback boot with a sill at the back? If so, the Variocage Compact line is the right choice. The Compact is available in two models: Large and Extra-Large – the Extra-Large being wider than the Large. Variocage Compact is partly made of aluminium, making it lighter than other cages of the same size. It has the same features as the Single line, but with added adjustability in depth and deformation-zone.

Single Pet Cages – Original Style

The Single cage we have for sale is a safe and highly practical dog crate, which also provides room for other things in your boot. Within seconds, the crate adjusts to the depth to your car. It is available in four sizes to fit different size vehicles such as utes, including the Maximum which is best suited for very large SUVs.

Double Pet Cages – Original Style

The Double cage with removable partition divider allows two dogs to sit separately without reaching each other. If one of the dogs needs more space, the divider is easily adjusted laterally. The partition can be dismantled easily to make room for a large dog or to temporarily give a single dog more space. Both the cage and the barrier are adjustable to fit the depth of your car or ute and still maintain integrity.