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Black Hound is very proud to announce our new Sponsored Handler & Trainer Jemma Gill from Elite Dog Training.

Jemma has been training dogs for over 10 years and specialises in all types of obedience work with a strong skill and passion for behavioural issues.  Jemma will be providing FREE MONTHLY HELP to our Black Hound friends.

 Send your behavioural or training questions to us at Black Hound via Facebook or email us directly at with ‘Canine Behaviour’ in the subject field.



“Training people and their dogs is my ultimate joy in life. I love showing people how to successfully open the lines of communication with their dog, which in turn helps them to achieve a myriad of personal goals.

 I personally love the journey I am able to take with each individual, and nothing makes me happier than seeing a handler and dog working in sync. If you are dedicated and motivated to get results, however small or large your goals might be, then Elite Dog Training offers simple solutions to get you started”

Whilst Jemma’s specialist area is behavioural issues, she is also qualified in the areas of Scent Detection, Assistance Dogs & Protection Work.

“Scent detection and tracking are based around the same principles and in my experience it is an area that canines find especially rewarding. The canine olfactory sense is incredible and dogs are said to have a sense of smell that is over one thousand times more sensitive than humans. For fun I have trained one of my working dogs, German Shepherd Simba, to track and find my children. It just made sense to me to have my own personal search and rescue dog for my two children. Living on a large farm, this affords me great peace of mind. You can read my post on an amazing case I worked here – the dog I worked with had detected his owner’s medical condition before she was aware of it”

Jemma is known for her in-depth understanding of the training requirements for IPO, having been a student of Tobias Oleynik and avid follower Kris Kotsopoulos.

 “As you may be aware, until last month IPO trials had never been conducted in WA. With the addition of IPO trials to the WA sporting calendar my own personal goals of passing the BH and IPO1 trials in 2017 are firmly in my mind”

When asked about her training style, Jemma is honest and down to earth in her summation.

“I learned many years ago, that the nature of my work calls for a highly adaptable approach. Whilst I am inspired by people like Tobias Oleynik, Kris Kotsopoulos and local behavioral specialist, Seth Pywell, I assess each dog on it’s own merit – I just have to train the dog in front of me. It is important to me that the emotional state of the dog is the number one consideration. I like to teach the dog how to respond to pressure as opposed to fighting against it”

As dog owners (and lovers) ourselves here at Black Hound we asked Jemma about the most common issues that she deals with on a daily basis.

“I do see a lot of behavioural issues, particularly anxiety issues and reactivity issues. Dogs that aren’t confident and those with fear aggression. The majority of my business is animals that can’t cope with day-to-day life so it’s nice to be able to help these dogs and their owners through tough periods.”

When pressed about the more common issues that many of us face she laughs and tells us

“Well, that would be leash pullers and reliability issues – you know the type, he’s the dog that you ask to sit, and then you ask again, and again, and eventually he does it”

 According to Jemma, these aren’t hard things to fix; it’s all about opening the lines of communication between the handler and the dog.


Jemma offers private consultations and can be contacted via



Mobile:       0400 796 772


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