Variobarrier HR


Designed as the perfect accompaniment to the Variogate or ideal as a stand-alone Cargo Barrier – this is one of our favorite MIMSafe Products.

The Variobarrier HR is simple to install, fully adjustable, no modifications to your vehicle required and no drilling or tools required. Attaches directly to the headrest and takes up minimal space, leaving the boot space free for your dog / camping gear etc

Easily moves from one vehicle to another.

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Dimensions: Width: 770 – 1465 mm Height: 230 – 305 mm

Universal cargo barrier for passenger safety. Fits most car models with adjustable arms. Successfully tested to the level of ISO 27955. Easy to move from one car to the next.

Protective universal cargo barrier for passenger safety. Protects occupants from loose items in the luggage area during a sudden or abrupt stop. Keeps pets from distracting the driver or becoming a projectile in an accident. Fits most car models with adjustable round steel headrest posts. Easy to install / no additional tools needed. No alterations to the car needed for installation.

Adjustable height and width.

Height: Minimum 230 mm and maximum 305 mm (placed 50 mm above the rear seats and 50 mm under the ceiling, gives cover of 415 mm)

Width: Minimum 770 mm and maximum 1465 mm (leave space for the side airbag curtains)

Weight: 4.5 kg.

Easy to move from one car to the next. Designed and produced in Sweden.

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